25 Jun

I have auditioned for this company in the past, once back in 2003 & in 2010.

I always made it to the end of the audition and from there i was put on the final consideration list, however i had never secured a contract with Universal Studios Japan. I received a phone call from the casting director of USJ one morning back in November.

The Metra board members were briefed on the shooting Saturday and will consider whether more action is needed to ensure passenger safety, she said.

• Daily Herald staff writers Marni Pyke, Steve Zalusky and Katlyn Smith contributed to this report.

Back in August 2011, I auditioned for Universal Studios Japan.

Witnesses told police three people ran from the scene, according to news reports The train had 40-50 passengers at the time of the shooting, Metra spokeswoman Meg Thomas-Reile said.

After the train was evacuated, some passengers received rides home while others waited at a nearby Home Depot.

Some of the audition cities include: Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, London, Orlando, New York, Toronto, Las Vegas & Hollywood.

The 2011 Sydney stunt auditon had mainly guys & only a few girls.