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17 Aug

Furthermore, the findings of a study in the Southeastern United States showed that adolescents who were exposed to sexual contents in the media, and who perceive greater support from the media for teen sexual behaviors, reported greater intentions to engage in sexual intercourse and sexual activities.but it seems that there has not been much efforts for gaining an in-depth understanding on the effect of mass media on premarital sexual relationships.Youth's sexual behaviors have various consequences such as unwanted pregnancy, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and sexually transmitted infections.Little information is available about the impact of mass media in the development of premarital sexual relationships.Also, 12 other participants who were involved in such an experience were recruited in this study.Data was collected using semi-structured interviews and the observation of youth's sexual interactions in different fields.Legal restrictions and religious prohibitions and regulations on sexual relationships are available in the Iranian society.

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In recent decades, girls and boys mature at younger ages across the world; they marry later and commit premarital sexual activities to a greater extent than before.

However, the necessity of improving the depth of data collection led to holding more than one interview session with some participants. The interviews continued until data saturation was reached.

The main question asked during the interviews was: “what do you know about relationships and friendships between single boys and girls in the society?

Access to the participants was made possible through visiting universities, parks, and sport clubs with a higher number of youth in such locations.

The purposeful and snowball methods were applied for sampling.