Is chris evans still dating jessica biel

11 Oct

(2009), and she trained in exotic dance for the role.

However, according to her "stripper coach," Biel didn't even need the help.

There's practically a new adorable sound bite uttered each day.

For as long as they're together, they'll keep dropping Instagram PDA and adorable quotes.

The actress/comedian and the Captain America: Civil War actor, both 34, star together in the upcoming drama Gifted.

"She comes from a gymnastic and dance background so that really helped, but she was also very hard working and was really dedicated too.It seems that practically every other day, either Justin or Jess posts something ridiculously cute or gushes about their marriage to the press. In January of 2007, Justin was hot off the coals from a four-year stint with Cameron Diaz (remember that? He dove from one serious relationship to another, and by May, Timberlake and Biel were taking overseas trips together. She was ready to settle down," the source continued."That's why after getting close on the set of magazine, telling the paper, "The press has gotten Jessica Biel's age wrong in their recent stories about her. She's 17, a minor…And as such, Jessica's photo spread was child pornography.