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17 Jun

In the fist method you can use After Properties to set up value in the hidden field. Im pretty sure you cant set them (they are only get properties) other than by setting a value in the field itself.It might work, but before/after properties work differently on different types of items, and often not the way you would expect...This method is invoked in an Item Updated event receiver.The problem is that the item is added four times to the rootlist. I was comparing the Title of a file to the title of an item. Still firing several times though, but now we're only updating the old item.Is it possible to prevent Sharepoint framework to call Item Updated event method, after Item Added?I want Item Updated to be called only when the item is edited.First I want to say that I am using a static variable to get a value in item updating method and I use it in item updated method (i'm doing the same for delete).

and/or Is it possible to pass a parameter from Itam Added to Item Updated event method?If this will not help (for example if different instances of the receiver class are involved), you could then create a static variable in your item receiver and check it from within of the method, like this: 1 I added comment to original question about this but your answer covers everything.Too bad that original question is IMO too localized (I voted close).But in my opinion, the behevior when the item updated event is invoked after item adding event is incorrect.I think that user10606 did something [email protected] and how do you plan to persist a new value to that field? and I dont think disabling event firing will keep item Updated from firing when adding a file.