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01 May

A lot of musicians would never want to stand up and lead like I do – I suppose there are just certain people that it suits.

I like to interact with the audience as well, talking and having a laugh with them, especially in some of the massive, 12,000- people classical concerts like the Battle Proms where you can get a real party mood.

When I did Beauty and the Beast, Disney insisted that we saw at least 2,000 people.

The process is a bit like The X Factor, especially when we do an open call and place an advert in The Stage newspaper.

You get thousands of aspiring actors and singers who don’t have an agent and turn up to queue from 6am; the competition is incredibly high.

Some people are absolutely terrible and only useful for haunting houses but occasionally someone wonderful comes in.

The conductor’s role is huge because all the dynamics of the piece come from him.

As musical director my job is to cast the show and I can end up watching hundreds of auditions.Before she ended it all with a very low blow (which was later deleted, but saved in perpetuity over at Perez Hilton), Ren said that the relationship did teach her self-love, growth, and trust. I first learned to play the piano as a six year-old growing up in Wales.I’ll then see what has been written for the orchestra and adjust it for the production, co-ordinating with the dance director to check that everything musical is covered in the choreography.The point where the singers and the orchestra come together is always really exciting, though it is a sign of the times that you rarely get the big orchestras I’ve had in the past on shows like Beauty and the Beast.