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01 Dec

Ratchet is the most heroic character he's ever voice, yes he's grouchy and kind of a jerk at times but he has a heart of gold and that's where he truly shines as well as being able to pull of his more emotional moments and comedic moments like whenever he yells out "I NEEDED THAT!

" It's because of all these qualities, is why I also hear Jeffrey's voice for Ratchet in the MTMTE comics and even the Marvel G1 comics too.

If you live in USA send a properly stamped and self addressed envelope (minimum size 8.5" x 4") with your request letter and a photo.

If you just want to mail a letter with the address above, and do not want anything back, then you can stop reading!However I know him better for his voice acting instead like so many other actors.Ratchet is easily my all-time favourite role of his.I actually did manage to watch the first Re-Animator movie sometime last October, it really wasn't much to write home about outside of Jeffrey's performance as Hebert West. Great and Underrated Character Actor and VA in Every Way.Basically the only really noteworthy character in that whole movie.