Jt justin timberlake dating

10 Jul

Timberlake has also continued his hit musical career ("Can't Stop the Feeling" currently tops the Billboard charts) and is a huge pop culture force.

I was like, OK, this is happening.“They met, it was at the Golden Globes. They were really cute.” Beverley went on to say that Jessica used to wind her up about being friends with the guys from *NSYNC, which doesn’t bode well for Justin because it seems like Jessica might not have been his band’s number one fan. “She used to make fun of me because I’d been friends with like all the guys from *NSYNC years before. ”Luckily Jessica’s apparent hatred of her husband’s band doesn’t seem to have affected them as they’ve been married since 2012 and have a super-cute son called Silas, who was born in 2015. "We’re good luck to each other—like each other’s rabbit foots." Adorable.Jimmy Presents Justin Award at MTV VMAs (2013) And this tale of bromance ends where it began.When they started dating in 1999, it seemed only natural. While no one really knows what really happened, the tabloids had a pretty good idea.As Buzzfeed points out, magazines like Us Weekly were clearly Team Timberlake, intimating that Spears cheated on him.