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23 Aug

At the turn of the first millennium, the Hoysalas gained power in the region.Literature flourished during this time, which led to the emergence of distinctive Kannada literary metres, and the construction of temples and sculptures adhering to the Vesara style of architecture.Evidence of neolithic and megalithic cultures have also been found in the state.Gold discovered in Harappa was found to be imported from mines in Karnataka, prompting scholars to hypothesise about contacts between ancient Karnataka and the Indus Valley Civilisation ca. Prior to the third century BCE, most of Karnataka formed part of the Nanda Empire before coming under the Mauryan empire of Emperor Ashoka.Four centuries of Satavahana rule followed, allowing them to control large areas of Karnataka.The decline of Satavahana power led to the rise of the earliest native kingdoms, the Kadambas and the Western Gangas, marking the region's emergence as an independent political entity.In the last week of June, Twitter users started the #Namma Metro Hindi Beda campaign to urge state government to banish the use of Hindi.

while during the seventeenth and eighteenth century, Goan Catholics migrated to North Canara and South Canara, especially from Bardes, Goa, as a result of food shortages, epidemics and heavy taxation imposed by the Portuguese.He asked the officials to find out what policy was followed in non-Hindi states such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala and West Bengal.Amid this campaign, Union minister Anant Kumar said that priority should be given to use of Kannada language, followed by Hindi and English for the benefit of non-Kannadigas in the Karnataka capital."All over India, railways are using three languages.On Wednesday, members of the pro-Kannada outfit Karantaka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) blackened the signboards of multiple metro stations which were written in Hindi, according to media reports.The hardline outfit was reportedly protesting the "imposition" of Hindi. In the first week of July, Hindi words were concealed on the signboards in Chickpete and Majestic metro stations.