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10 Aug

It builds a sense of being a couple.” What happens when one wants sex, but the other doesn’t?

Paul discloses the ugly side and says, “Anger, resentment, and arguments are common.

“Sex holds many different meanings to individuals and the only people that can determine whether or not a marriage is healthy with or without sex are the couples that are in that very marriage.” Paul and Lori Byerly of The Marriage Bed, in Deer Park, Washington, are Christians teaching married couples that sex is good and important in a devout marriage.

The two share how couples should take a look at the health of a relationship as a good early warning barometer to avoid becoming another statistic in the silent epidemic.

A lot of my friends and family ask why I’m still with [my husband] Scott, but that’s because of my vow and promise to the church.

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Licensed marriage and family therapist, Melissa Risso, M.

With school and everything going great for me right now professionally, I don’t find it to be a priority.

We haven’t had sex for four years now.” Extensive research and studies by experts estimate that a staggering 40 million Americans are having a sexless marriage, one where there is little to no sexual intimacy or activity occurring between the two spouses.

“The important piece to keep in mind is both partners need to communicate to one another as to what sex looks like within their marriage,” she says.

Risso provides a list of questions couples should ask themselves and their partners: “Regardless of where couples stand, having an open discussion and communication around sex can help create the happiness couples may seek or want within their marriage,” Risso says.