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30 Nov

This way I can give everybody the knowledge and I don’t have to be cut.”As long as her publishing house is happy “to facilitate the vision” (it’s all “very calculated,” she adds) she is happy to keep spouting her home-spun pearls of wisdom, presumably once edited of the charming malapropisms (at one point laissez-faire becomes “la fai-ez”, at another Michael Connelly is renamed “Michael Colony”).In Supernanny, which ran for three series in the UK and was a big hit in the US, Frost and her camera crew set up camp with a succession of end-of-their-tether families struggling to deal with unruly kids.Whether it's fronting the global Live 8 TV coverage and the Glastonbury Festival or broadcasting to six million listeners daily on her Radio 1 show, she makes it all seem so, well, effortless. Her relentlessly cool playlists and intelligent, non-Estuary patter continues to usher her gently from ladette DJ to honorary John Peel status; she's attractive enough with her rock-chick blonde hair, slim figure and everlasting legs but doesn't do cleavage or flirt with musicians.It's presumably why she gets the best kind of attention from the artists who rely on her show to keep the album sales rolling.She suffers from a congenital syndrome called cri du chat. Frances was unable to speak until she was ten and was constantly having accidents because she had no sense of danger.('Coming home to a pool of blood all over the floor wasn’t unusual,' says Jo. '") Added to this, Frances suffers from outbursts and temper tantrums, obsessive behaviour and a short attention span. 'There were no normal holidays or Christmases when you knew everything was going to be wonderful.Her seventh parenting manual to date, the new book is touted as a companion volume offering practical, “in-the-moment” solutions for those who are struggling to maintain the level of discipline detailed in her previous bestselling book, Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care (“That was about your understanding as a parent of your responsibilities and duties,” she says. I’ve had some real head-on situations with some of the fathers.“Toddler SOS comes from parents saying to me, ‘I’m in a situation right now. Not all of that you would have got to see in the old shows. It’s very raw.”Before hitting our screens in 2004 as a straight-talking, heart-of-gold disciplinarian with a penchant for tight skirts and heels, Frost was living with her father in south-west London, where the family phone had long-been re-christened the Nanny Hotline because of the constant calls from both parents and colleagues demanding her troubleshooting expertise.

But she is also warm and funny, the kind of person you can imagine being a positive, if not formidable, influence on a child. Now that I live in Cali, I go to basketball games all the time.

Let’s not be north or south, let’s not be hot or cold. You can’t shape it, you can’t put icing sugar on it. From growing up one of two children in a “normal” house in south-west London, then spending half a decade living in hotel rooms in the US and Britain while cultivating her Supernanny brand, Frost is now settled in Orange County, California with her American partner Darrin Jackson, a location co-ordinator.

A make-up artist once told me, ‘Jo, what you really do is you introduce people to themselves. “I have a house and I’m in a relationship that I’m happy in and I’m in a good place in my life right now.”With no children of her own and no formal training to speak of, Frost has been criticised in the past for her sledgehammer approach that has tended to be more one-size-fits-all than nuanced or analytical.

She also has her own investment in Frances's condition. She has been tested at each of her three pregnancies, and says that she would have terminated a pregnancy if the tests had proved positive.

'Because I know everything that the condition can involve,' she explains.