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13 Aug

""Called and spoke to a very helpful friendly lady who understood how I had been suffering for years. Thank you so much x ""Fantastic, I've tried Replens and similar but am susceptible to candida and I believe the glycerine makes the vagina sugary. Yes moisturiser is the only one (of many) that does not irritate and truly seems to have a long lasting moisturising benefit.

Been to the GP several times but got no relief from the pain. ""I could not be intimate with my husband without it, menopause has many challenges to your relationship and without Yes products I would have closed myself off to the sexual side of life as it was simply so painful and frustrating. With the applicators especially, it is very discreet and natural to use.

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Your chat service confirmed that this is the appropriate product and also suggested OB which I will try.

""I have been using the applicators for a couple of years.

I am 59 years old and your product has improved my husband's and my sex life.

I was embarrassed and feeling quite alone in dealing with my symptoms, but this has all changed thanks to Yes products. The very first time we tried YES WB lubricant it worked! I'm going to try the VM product to help with the dryness issues on a more long term basis, but the applicators are the best. I had some bad reactions from most of the over-the-counter products here in the States. I have told all of my doctors about how great these products are for women like myself. Daily use of OB lubricant has completely cured my Vulval Dermatitis without using any cortisone. Turns out I was experiencing vaginal atrophy and dryness - YES! ""I've found intercourse painful since becoming menopausal. I was having to take antibiotics for urinary traction infection after every session of sex. It made a big difference to my intimate relationship. I'm so pleased to have discovered Yes VM and Yes WB - which have resolved my problems. After having a total hysterectomy in my 40s I struggled to find products that didn't leave me more sore or uncomfortable than I already was. I was using hormone cream and the skin irritation was worse than the dryness. I've used your lubricant for some time now so I decided to try the VM thinking it could not possibly work. I've been using YES for a couple of years now and am completely satisfied. I gave you a review a few years ago and will continue to give 5 stars for life. I'm also grateful for the Yes OB sample you sent last time with my first Yes WB order - it prompted me to buy the DG pack this time! ""Yes water based is a fantastic product, that has really changed my life, going through the menopause and bladder problems, led to dryness, but this product sorted it out.

""Having had hysterectomy 21 years ago have been suffering with dryness and difficult penetration. Have had to use oestrogen pessaries over the last 4 months without much improvement. Increased anxiety about painful sex made this even worse. It's easy to use and I feel much more relaxed making sex a more enjoyable experience again. Haven't had to use antibiotics since I began using Yes. I love the oil-based lubricant and these vaginal moisturisers are an absolute godsend (all other well-known brands don't come close). It works just as well as the Premarin and no irritation whatsoever. I've told my doctor about this product and I know he noted it down in his notebook. Feel free to send me samples of your other products 🙂 ""These are absolutely the best products on the market - couldn't live without them! I told my GP about this product and suggested that he should recommend this to other patient going through the menopause that cant take HRT, it is a life saver, thank you ""Fantastic lubricant, works extremely well and is very soothing.