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10 May

When you message a man, he can then see your profile picture, but it remains private to everyone else on the app.

The process feels less frenzied than apps like Tinder, as the women get to choose the select few who they want to pursue.

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Wyldfire Men must be invited to join by women, reducing the "creep factor" of an open-to-anyone app.

Women are prompted to invite one single male friend when they sign up, so the app is all about creating a quality-not-quantity dating pool of guys.

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EOTB's Rogan O'Connor and TOWIE's Dan Osborne are pitted against each other in the main male ring.

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This way, women can not only control who they talk to, but are empowered to progress the action from matching to actually talking. The action on this app revolves around a question of the day which members of the community answer.

Women peruse the men's responses (and profiles), then they can choose to message the ones who interest them.