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10 Nov

The country's geography is defined primarily by mountains, valleys, and rivers.

The capital and largest city, Skopje, is home to roughly a quarter of the nation's 2.06 million inhabitants.

From its highest peak, the Mytikas, at an altitude of about 2.918 meters, we can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the gulf.

Republika Makedonija), is a country in the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe.

The majority of the residents are ethnic Macedonians, a South Slavic people.

Albanians form a significant minority at around 25 percent, followed by Turks, Romani, Serbs, and others.

Following centuries of contention between the Bulgarian and Byzantine empires, it gradually came under Ottoman dominion from the 14th century.

Between the late 19th and early 20th century, a distinct Macedonian identity emerged, although following the Balkan Wars of 19, the modern territory of Macedonia came under Serbian rule.