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09 Nov

He writes, “Hey guys, just wanted to take a minute to update you all with the current status of FFTL.

As of now right now we are basically going on hiatus.

And, since most of our fans are probably older as well, making a new record I miss making music that rips. We just weren’t as heavy and groovy and "breakdown-y" as people wanted to hear.

That’s why bands like Glassjaw can still go out and play these amazing shows, and they’ve been around forever.

It definitely feels like people really miss the band being around.

We’re all older now, and we have different perspectives on life because of everything we’ve been through. I’ve been recording other bands, which is really awesome and fulfilling, but there’s just something about making a record that’s , we were still doing more of the post-hardcore thing—less metal, more rock—and even though it was still pretty heavy, people were really wanting full-blown, all-the-way heavy.

From First To Last co-founder Matt Good sent the internet into a frenzy earlier this month when he teased about a “very cool announcement” coming soon for FFTL fans.

The news hit an already nostalgic FFTL fanbase like a vortex and created the perfect storm of rumors and speculation.