Michael phelps who is he dating

05 Jul

With the Rio games in full swing, new mom Johnson hasn’t missed a beat as she and baby Boomer are constant fixtures at Phelps’ heats. Though the couple has yet to set a marriage date, Phelps has known Johnson was The One for a long time. ’ I just told her exactly how I felt,” Phelps said last year via USA Today. “I was like, as long as I can tell her that, I can go through my life and be happy.

We’re going to focus on what being the most famous swimmer of all-time gets you.

Caroline Pal from 2008 to 2009 Sorry but this almost looks like a mother son thing going on.

Phelps was really starting to enjoy stardom at this point.

the kid is due around July -- right before the '16 Olympics.

Michael Phelps has enough gold medals to last a lifetime, and he scored the real golden ticket in fiancée Nicole Johnson.