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18 Aug

This pair used this nest site during their first nesting attempt in 2015.

Pairs will sometimes use the same nest year after year but other times they will move the precise nest location within their territory from year to year.

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A wild California condor nest at Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge. In 2016, #111 and #509 chose a different nest cavity than the one they used in 2015.

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This information may then be used to manage the captive populations to minimize inbreeding and grow populations to a sustainable level.I do this because I know I HATE all those things when I surf, and because I want you to have an enjoyable hassle-free experience here.Not doing all those things does cost me money, but I can't bring myself to make my pride & joy into a Live Jasmine ad popping piece of shit. Every California condor in the southern California flock has been tagged and sexed. Back to Top It’s very difficult to tell males from females. The only sure ways to tell the sexes apart are to see certain behaviors such as copulation or egg-laying, or by using a DNA test.