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09 Dec

” the slack-jawed tea-run clod would be left muttering.“No, I’ll still have the coffee, but then black with one sugar and in a small cup please.” Even my husband, who is the only person with whom I currently share what could loosely be termed “office space”, has given up asking me for a cuppa.This is a great chance for Barbie and her girl friends to share the latest fashion trends and gossip rumors over a cup of tea. If it's 5 o'clock, then that means it's time to enjoy some after work tea before the evening starts and you have even more to do!

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Join Apple White, Raven Queen and Madeline Hatter in the Wonderland Grove for a tea-rrific p...

After a long and hard day at school, there are few things more freeing than joining your best friends for a girl's night out.

This lovely girl is ready to let herself go on the dance floor tonight...

Water-cooler flirtations, the gratuitous teasing of work-experience boys and those idle, whispered prognostications over whether X, Y or Z on the Comment desk is pregnant or just really likes Gin Gins ginger chews. Every newspaper office I ever worked in considered kettles to be about as big a health and safety liability as miniature desk cacti.

The only thing that’s “staggering” to me about yesterday’s findings is that kettles are still allowed in the workplace.