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22 Jul

Julie Walters' career in film has moved gracefully from the scrappy young charmer of Educating Rita to the magically maternal Molly Weasley of the Harry Potter movies.

In Calendar Girls she is touching as warm-hearted Annie, who comes up with the simple idea of raising funds to buy a sofa for the local cancer clinic after her beloved husband dies of leukemia.

The media get a peek at those respectable club members in their altogethers, and suddenly the village is crawling with TV trucks.

The astounding success of the calendar even wins the women a trip to California for a TV appearance.

And you may have almost as much fun as they seem to be having. She's learned to let them go and stopped worrying about them. I think it's because once you hit 50, you don't care. They realize it's OK not to have a date everywhere you go. Calendar Girls is set in a rosily picturesque village in Yorkshire that is an idyllic little slice of, as the members of the Women's Institute sing, "England's green and pleasant land." Some of the institute's members are dead serious about putting up plum jam for the club contest, but the troublemakers squirm through the interminable meetings out of a sense of duty."I only joined because of my mother," Chris tells her friend Annie after they've snickered through another deadly lecture on broccoli or carpet.