National average dating before marriage

05 Oct

One in four single men questioned said they wanted a committed relationship so they could start a family, while a fifth worried that they would be ‘left on the shelf’ while their friends were paired off.

But before they settle down men will enjoy eight dates with different women, as well as three blind dates and meet three people over the internet, according to the study of loved-up Brits who have already met the one.

The 30s is now the decade for establishing a family.

"What is worrying, however, is if unemployment and financial insecurity are thwarting people's aspirations to get married.

The mean year for first marriages for women in 1991 was 25.5 and just 23.1 back in 1981, the year of the last major Royal wedding.

A marriage may be either dissolved, following a petition for divorce and the granting of a decree absolute, or annulled, following a petition for nullity and the awarding of a decree of nullity.

Catherine Middleton, in contrast is 29 years old, suggesting that the forthcoming Royal Wedding is – despite its pomp – more reflective of British social trends than some admit.

The figures also confirmed the long-running decline in the institution of marriage, with the number of marriages hitting a fresh all-time low, with fewer people being married in 2009 than in any year since figures started to be recorded in 1895.

This bulletin presents annual statistics on divorces that took place in England and Wales in 2013, following court orders.

The statistics do not include divorces to couples usually resident in England and Wales that took place abroad.