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26 Jul

Unfortunately in the real world, we need to handle unexpected situations.So we will now add some extra code to our sample that allows us to handle errors.Data Reader will fetch the data very fast when compared with dataset.Generally we will use Execute Reader object to bind data to datareader.

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In Lesson 3, we discussed a fully connected mode of operation for interacting with a data source by using the Sql Command object.NET introduces is the replacement of the ADO Recordset object with a combination of the is that it has no knowledge of the underlying data source that might have been used to populate it. Bridge providers, such as those supplied for OLE DB and ODBC, allow you to use data libraries designed for earlier data access technologies.The actual interface to the underlying data source is provided by using one of a number of . Native providers are normally provided by the actual database supplier and provide interfaces to specific databases.NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC includes an Odbc Data Reader and an Odbc Data Adapter object, and the .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle includes an Oracle Data Reader and an Oracle Data Adapter object.