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27 Jul

With the help of ARKit, you can spin your i Phone around to navigate a city in VR, and it gets even more impressive if you have a VR headset.

This feature lets you click the sleep/wake (aka power) button 5 times fast to start a call to 911, and you have the option to set up emergency contacts that will get constant text updates as to your location.Just double-tap and hold, then move your finger up on the screen to zoom in and down to zoom out.If you've ever found Maps almost nagging navigational directions annoying, you can now slim up those baby steps and "tap for light guidance," which gives you an overview of your drive instead of the step-by-step view.Before diving into the full list of features, if you want to get some hands-on experience with them, make sure you have installed the new i OS 11 on your i Phone.You could previously save webpages, notes, photos, and other files as PDF files and mark them up afterward, but it was kind of a pain in the ass — especially for adding markup.