Norah jones dating

24 Jan

"I didn't want to just throw a bunch of people together and see how they get along," she shrugs.

She met these musicians playing on the New York bar-gig circuit which, for this 10-time Grammy winner with more than 40 million album sales to her name, remains a crucial diversionary pastime.

So why are pain and heartbreak still providing the inspiration for pop music's mistress of alchemy?

Recently, one of Ravi Shankar's daughters was presenting a musical journey.

The last time I met Jones, in New York, the city of her birth, the diminutive girl reared in Fort Worth told me that she sometimes wished she didn't have to be the boss and band leader all the time.

Two years on, and 10 years since her breakthrough, it seems she's almost managed to accomplish that.

The Fall (2009) was partly a chronicle of her split with Lee Alexander, a member of her band with whom she'd had an eight-year relationship.

Is it wise for an artist – especially an artist of Jones's huge global profile – to be documenting more heartache?

He's helped create a compelling album wreathed in languid atmospherics and noir-ish grooves."They are all kinda dark! She's curled into a sofa in a dressing-room of a Cologne TV studio, waiting to record a performance on a chat show.

"These guys all play in a couple of different bands together," says this inveterate muso with her own brace of serious and not-so-serious side-projects (bands such as the Little Willies, White on Rice, Puss'n'Boots and El Madmo). They already vibe together – I don't have to worry about the bass and the drummer locking together cos I already know they do."If Jones feels like it and the band plays on, the channel will delay broadcast of the evening news.

That's how big a deal Jones is in Germany, a country that loves her almost as much as they do in France.

Anoushka, the Indian sitar maestro's London-born youngest child, was in Berlin, showcasing her new album, Traveller – an innovative melding of classical Indian and Spanish musics.

"It's a really cool concept that I never would have thought of," says Shankar's other daughter, Texas-raised Norah Jones.