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21 Aug

Let's face it the 90's were the best decade to produce some great fragrances,and this floriental sits perfectly.It's a striking yet delicate fragrance,and I love it! So, from my experience, the house of Givenchy has always specialised in making distinctly feminine perfumes.

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It's not my favorite fall scent for myself (that goes to Armani Mania, which incidentally my mom bought me over 10 years ago for my 18th birthday- I'm now on my 3rd or 4th bottle) but it will always hold an extra special place in my heart that no other scent comes close to (except maybe Erox Realm which my mom also loves.) In a world full of gourmand and foodie fragrances,let us not forget what a classic floral oriental is,and this is one of those,stunning!

Well-rounded and complete - nothing lacking here, very polished. The really great thing here is that it's not really a cloying monster or a badly done fragrance in any way. I could see this working for dates and nights out with a loved one. My wallet, on the other hand, feels the difference quite well, I assure you, as it can cost a tiny fraction of what Organza (quite deservedly) costs.

Not clubbing but very intimate and personal moments and occasions with a partner. Warm, cozy, and comforting-- a delicious mix of white floral, vanilla and nutmeg.

It's suitable for night wear in the fall and winter and probably early spring.

Organza always smells sophisticated, complex, bold, and intriguing to me.