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24 Jul

Working on busy shopping streets chuggers are often young people and will usually be seen carrying clipboards. An annoying, difficult or disappointing occurrence. E.g."It's a right chuffer, breaking my leg just before the football season starts." Chuffer is a euphemism for 'fucker'. A person paid to collect for charity by signing up people to make regular donations, often by direct debit.

E.g."Cop hold of this hammer whilst I get the spanner." Also Cop this! A male to female preoperative transexual, usually very feminine looking, with breasts and male genitals, a shemale. You'll have a heart attack unless you learn to chill a little." Noun. E.g."He crapped behind a tree and wiped his arse (anus) with a huge leaf." Adj. Defecate is infact a euphemism meaning to purify or cleanse.