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25 Oct

In 1415 Bern invaded lower Aargau with the help of Solothurn.

Aarau capitulated after a short resistance, and was forced to swear allegiance to the new rulers.

A growth in population during the 16th Century led to taller buildings and denser construction methods.

Early forms of industry developed at this time; however, unlike in other cities, no guilds were formed in Aarau.

On 11 August 1712, the Peace of Aarau was signed into effect.

During the 1980s many of the industries left Aarau completely.The town was ruled from the "Rore" tower, which has been incorporated into the modern city hall. Agnes of Kyburg, who had no male relations, sold the family's lands to King Rudolf I von Habsburg. In the 14th century the city was expanded in two stages, and a second defensive wall was constructed.A deep ditch separated the city from its "suburb;" its location is today marked by a wide street named "Graben" (meaning Ditch).Two weeks later a French envoy continued to foment the revolutionary opinions of the city.The contrast between a high level of education and a low level of political rights was particularly great in Aarau, and the city refused to send troops to defend the Bernese border.