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02 Nov

T wo months ago, I went to a neighboring branch of our company for gaining more work experience. I told my boyfriend, and he told me to ask the next house we went to if I could use theirs.The guy who showed me around the office and introduced me to other staff was medium built, 32 years old, married with children. was cool to hook up and not even know the young ladies name. We came up to a small house with a little porch and... I meet people, and I always wonder what's in they're pants and what they can do with it. I'm such a ****, but I love it, and other people just thing it's ******* amazingly awesome that I can come clean...

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I was beginning to feel overwhelmed, and working... It was like a rape scene, something which both like to do. This is a true story and happened when I was 38 and had posted an add on a local social website saying I was well hung and wanting to play with another couple.We hiked every day, enjoying the beautiful mountains, cool air and the aroma of the pine forest. I normally would not go into this bar by myself its on a darker alley and kind of of dingy... I don't do this anymore.a few years ago..going thru issues with a divorce, getting older, etc. This Halloween, my boyfriend and I took his kid sister trick or treating.She said she had a special plan for us the day that there would be a full moon in the... I would put an ad on Craigslist..up with some guy & have sex with him. All was going well, until I REALLY had to go to the bathroom.He came over to "play" darts with me but we couldn't... As I watched the fit women run and cycle past I got really horny and since I was in somewhat... If you have read any of my previous stories you know what type of girl I am and that I like older men and don't mind giving my body to strangers.I thought I would share one of my favorite experiences I had with a stranger. This happened on 2007 while we were on Crete for holidays. It was one of the first days on the island, we were on a bar by the sea, very nice place that we liked to go there to have our first drink before going to the club. I have always enjoyed having sex all my life and it didn't matter if it was a woman or a guy.