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07 May

As the semester ended in December, students in Fröhlich’s "Intermediate Programming", "Computer System Fundamentals," and "Introduction to Programming for Scientists and Engineers" classes decided to test the limits of the policy, and collectively planned to boycott the final.

Because they all did, a zero was the highest score in each of the three classes, which, by the rules of Fröhlich’s curve, meant every student received an A.

In fact, when looking at individual metros, we find interesting trends in where gay neighborhoods are becoming more and less valuable relative to the median metropolitan home value over time (on a square-foot basis).

NOTE: Our estimates of gay neighborhood homes values are calculated by taking the average price per square foot and price per square foot premium across all of a metro’s ZIP codes, weighted at the ZIP-code level by our Neighborhood Pride Score.

Following suit are gay neighborhoods in New Orleans and Boston, which have seen their premium rise by 52 and 27 percentage points, respectively.

What’s more, in the top 10 metros where Pride neighborhoods have increased most in value, there’s only one – Grand Rapids, Mich., – where living in such neighborhoods comes with a discount.

For example, if a ZIP code had 30% of its Ok Cupid users searching for same-sex partners and 15% of its ACS households are same-sex couples, we assigned that ZIP code a Neighborhood Price Score of 0.45.

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During the last five years, the premium to live in neighborhoods with the largest gay populations has grown substantially.

“At a school that is known (perhaps unjustly) for competitiveness I didn't expect that reaching such an agreement was possible.” Although Fröhlich conceded that he did not include such a “loophole” in the policy “with the goal of students exploiting it,” he decided to honor it after the boycott.

Despite awarding As to all the students who participated in the boycott, the experience has led Fröhlich to alter his long-held grading policy.

Students used a spreadsheet on Google Drive to keep track of who had agreed to the boycott, for instance.

And social networks were key to "get 100 percent confidence that you have 100 percent of the people on board" in a big class.