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15 May

Eventually she become addicted to my tongue, from the time I started eating her til she comes. I know it was when she became lonely after my dad left us for another woman in 1990.(He was shot to death three years later, by unknown gunman.) I had a sister, but in 1994 she married an American and had moved there, never returned since then.

It was her loneliness I know when, sometimes in October of 1995, after a typhoon and all was power was out for almost a week, that I think I remember It started.

When I was inside her that night, I saw her drop a tear in her eye. "walang katapusan.." Dont know how many times we came to each other that night, all I know is that we were both exhausted in the morning, and woke up by 12nn.

Asking me, "tumatanda na ako, gusto mo pa rin ba ako? It was the most sensual, erotic sex we had that moments, after several years of doing it.

Though most of what I know, was only and firstly used to her alone.

She had never eaten down there, that I had only seen in some porno movies.