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14 Jul

It covers the last resting place of George Keith 5 Earl Marischal.He founded Marischal College in Aberdeen in 1593 and is interred here along with other members of his famous house.The Dyce symbol stones are housed inside the kirk - photos also shown on this page. Almost destroyed in 1390 by Alexander Stewart, the infamous "Wolf of Badenoch".You can see the Bishop's home at Spynie Palace, 2 miles north of the town. Fort Fiddes Castle Point, Troup, promontory fort sited on 100 feet high cliffs of old red sandstone, the first settlement here is thought to have been around 200 to 300 BC based on radio carbon dating of pottery found on the site.Built in 1740 for the 1st Earl of Fife, was never completed to the original grand design which included east and west wings.

In 1297 William Wallace burned it down with a garrison of English soldiers.

Its last military use was as a base to control the smuggling of illicit whisky in the early 19th century.

Still complete with star-shaped fortifications; reconstructed whisky still and barrack room.

A magnificent early Georgian mansion, designed by William Adam for Earl Fife and acknowledged to be his masterpiece.

Now open as a Country House Gallery of the National Galleries of Scotland. Open Thursday to Sunday in winter 10.00am to 5.00pm.