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30 Sep

This online wholesale store claims to offer more than 50,000 products in categories like mobile phones, electronics, computers, watches, video games, and gifts.

Products under the value of are offered in a special section, while shopping can also be done on basis of brands.

Since last few years, China is known for their cheaper products due to low wage rate in their country.

There are several sites in China dedicated to offering goods on wholesale, most of these websites are available in English language to focus on global users.

Started in 2009, this is a business-to-consumer wholesale supplier that offers several products like electronics, gadgets, and clothing directly from the manufacturer.

This is part of the Alibaba Group, and it offers goods on wholesale prices.

The prices are offered for carts as low as just one item.

Started in 2006, this site claims to offer more than 80,000 gadgets in several categories like computers, electrical tools, mobile phones, video games, sport gear, and hair dryers. It specializes in offering a platform for business-to-business for products, which are present in several categories like electronics, computers, automobiles, and sportswear.

The site also provides a community section featuring a forum and blog, while reviews of products are also found in this section. The site claims to have close to 1 million suppliers offering more than 25 million products.