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28 Feb

" "Mainly, I've got a lot of things that pull me a lot of ways." "It kind of seems like if I don't grow into the pod, and into your relationship with your wife, that really leaves us with not a lot." "It would be more, like, me really having a separate relationship with you? "Yes it is, but it's definitely not the way I have my life set up." "Maybe that's why you never go deeper with girls." "Maybe β€” yeah." -------------- Megan is bustling around her designer clothing business in Hollywood and is unburdening to her old friend Emma. She knows all of our drama, so I think she will have some really good insights." And indeed, here comes some straight talk like we haven't heard before.

Emma has known Chris and Leigh Ann since before they brought Megan in three years ago. Megan complains that other than Chris and Leigh Ann, she has had no support system for the last three years. "And since this all fell apart, I really have to think about what is my future going to look like....

"I need to know if somebody is like, 'I don't want you guys to sleep together.' If you want to say, 'I'm a red light to that person sleeping with that person.' Or maybe 'I'm a yellow,' which means go slow. I don't want to be left alone." Kamala reassures him: "You guys can stay together all night, and you don't have to necessarily play with anyone else." Tahl to Jesse: "It's awesome that you came up here.

Seems he stayed there two nights in a row without asking Megan first, just telling her by text.

Chris: "Honestly, Megan, it's not really working for me either....

Sexually we kinda have that incomplete" β€” the failed threesome β€” "and it'd be nice to see what happens between us tonight?

That's kind of an intention." Rachel sets a boundary here.