Rachel truehart and nick peterson dating

26 Sep

Thing We Most Never Want To See/Hear Again: – With Kim’s departure, we no longer have to sit bracing ourselves for her screeching “Sweeeetieeee”, the uncouth sex talk between her and Kroy or the word of the day plastered across her ass.

No really, the Winey Bitches both did a little celebration dance as she cursed her way off our small screens with the threats of legal action.

It’s a great way to make a little donation go a long way. after you’re finished reading this post, of course.

While not a couple per se, these two ladies are the best duo reality TV had going.

Anyway, we knew the journey was going to be painful based on Ben Flapjack alone, but throwing in Courtney and then letting her win was just salt in the wound.

Granted, Ben finally did catch on to the ugly that is Courtney, but not before torturing us through the entire season and a pouty After The Final Rose where she played the little victim. These ladies didn’t get as much love in the press as some other “housewives”, but we really dug hanging out with the girls… Yes, they had their drama, but they were the only cast that seemed interested in actually resolving drama.

We’re sad they decided their day-to-day lives were more relevant and opted out.

It was with that pathetic dismissal that a giant wamp-wamp rose up, echoed through the alleys of Prague and reverberated around the rest of the world.There was a glass thrown and some nasty jabs hurled, but all in all, it was a pleasure watching these ladies.And of course, we can’t talk about the Exes without giving a little shout-out to our favorite girl, Drea. Least Memorable Reality Cast 2012: Really Bravo, help some bitches out and know when to say when. Add a model, a lawyer, a dentist and an actual housewife, but it’s the same sad story.We are both being very practical about taking the next steps towards relocating, and marriage and all that good stuff… The Reality of 2012 According To Two Winey Bitches Once again, we can’t let 2012 sneak off in a walk of (reality) shame without our usual shout-outs to those that made our year worthy and cringe-worthy.