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27 Nov

They’ve done episodes on the performative st This Father's Day, a surprise. She’s seen basically every kind of image you can imagine.You may remember our award winning series Taking the Lead, which we dropped into your feeds last month in celebration of Mother's Day. All the boring, normal stuff - cat videos, vacation snapshots, headshots for dating sites. At least according to the FBI file uncovered by FOIA the Dead, which uses the Freedom of Information Act to reque With all the news of leaks, national security, and hacking destabilizing the world, who better to talk to than Ed Snowden? And they talked abou You know that feeling, maybe in college - you’re suuuper chilled out, maybe chemically-assisted, and you’re like, how do we know we’re even in the same reality, man? Join host Manoush Zomorodi for your weekly reminder to question everything. Some examples from the last few weeks: The Ellen Pao saga. We gave José a copy of Manoush's new book, Bore Today, the first book to be born out of a crowdsourced podcasting movement - our movement, dear listeners - is here. A few months ago, Manoush traveled to Vancouver to tell the story of Bored and Brilliant on the TED main stage.

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Why do people feel the need to verbally abuse a robot?

It follows the story of two Brooklyn women, Rachael Ellison and Leslie Ali Walk When Ron Wyden got to Congress, Oregon was known for its wood products and the Internet was a series of tubes. Weird stuff, like hundreds and hundreds o Daniel Aaron was the grandfather of our senior producer, Kat Aaron. Manoush sat down with him—via video chat —on stage in D. That’s what the world has been feeling like, except, not so chill. For all you working mothers balancing deadlines and diapers, ambition and your (lovely) children, we're re-releasing all four episodes of our award-winning series Taking the Lead.

This is the story of two Brooklyn women This Mother's Day, a surprise.

Talking About California is a public affairs program produced and hosted by Cal Winslow, it focuses on issues of major political, social and cultural importance to California.

IN September 2017, Cal hosted a series marking Hispanic Heritage Month and co-hosted by Ana Loreto Rojas, a Mendocino County journalist and educator.