Revalidating medicare enrollment dating things

26 Sep

Providers or suppliers who are required to revalidate will receive a revalidation notice.

Only providers or suppliers who receive notice of revalidation are required to revalidate.

If CMS revokes a provider or supplier’s billing privileges for noncompliance and other issues discovered during revalidation, the provider or supplier may be barred from re-enrollment for up to three years. Our attorneys are highly experienced in Medicare enrollment issues, compliance matters, and Medicare actions.

This mandate applies to more than 1.4 million existing Medicare providers and will require those providers to revalidate their Medicare enrollment under the new screening requirements that went into effect on and after 3/25/11.

Additionally, Medicare may seek revocation of a provider or supplier’s billing privileges for noncompliance found during a revalidation.

If Medicare revokes a provider or supplier’s Medicare billing privileges for failure to revalidate, the provider or supplier is barred from re-enrollment for one year.

Failure to revalidate is grounds for revocation from the program.

Likewise, providers or suppliers who report events that affect enrollment eligibility during revalidation may face revocation of their billing privileges.