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26 May

Footage of the early “robot” dating from 1967 was uploaded to You Tube by newsreel archive British Pathé last year – but the organisation holds no other details.

The Motor Mason, hailed in the one-minute film as the “answer to the shortage of housing”, bears a remarkable resemblance to bricklaying robot SAM, which revealed last week is now commercially available.

Luckily the Uk has a strong history of bold, surrealist and comic performance innovators coupled with a tradition of entertainment from the music hall period.

It was those influences that Bob & Bob Jobbins drew upon to create a whole series of comic street theatre shows featuring Heath Robinson style contraptions (mainly bicycle based machines) such as The Human Gramophone, The Smallest Revolving Stage and The Naughtiest Noise in The Galaxy.

Realising their true vocation in life they then wrote and presented a series of cabaret pieces at Art centres about Colonel Gaddafi, robot dating services and horse meat recipes to their growing cult following.

Do you know anything about the Motor Mason, a mechanical bricklaying machine filmed in Essex almost 50 years ago?

From memory, the main problems were corners, mortar quantities when using different frog patterns and perpend. The frog on the newsreel seemed similar to a deep London frog which were often laid frog down to save mortar which would probably totally confuse the robot.

It was briefly discussed at the Lincoln Polytechnic where I was taking my ONC, I can't recall wether Luddite prejudice or impracticality was the death knell.

Skully thinks I’m just bitter because no woman will talk to me. Why, just last night a woman asked me to leave or she would call the cops!

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