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06 Dec

He was a Boeing brat, started in Seattle, Washington, lived in 15 different places before the 3 grade, but most of his school years were on the Space Coast of Florida and then high school in Utah (major culture shock).

After an advanced degree in Statistics at Utah State, he had a 23 year career with the phone company, starting at Bell Laboratories in NJ, moving to Colorado in 1987 and taking early retirement from Qwest in 2005.

🙂 : Well, you’ll notice that I’m wearing the same clothes in many of our pictures.

*Blush* We look for great value and unique experiences, which is not to be confused with budget travelers.

Other trips require practically no planning like a Caribbean cruise.

We also really enjoy home exchanges to interesting corners of the globe. There are often challenges and random glitches that occur when you travel, so letting those ruin the day makes no sense.

Sometimes our family trips will include activities we’ll share here, but mostly it’s quality family time.

The stuff that life’s made of, but not romantic travel blogs.

Some require detailed planning like our trip to Thailand and Cambodia for 5 weeks with 6 flights and 10 different lodgings including sailing, diving and an elephant sanctuary.When possible, we are opportunistic about last minutes deals and often our travel dates happen to be in off season or shoulder season.We don’t go for the cheapest – just the best value for the type of trip it is.Plus, our travel blog readers probably want to know that we really do have a bit of travel experience to share.Determining what counts as a trip is tricky as some are a quick weekend getaway within Colorado and others are a full month exploring 6 countries, but each time we pack our bags and leave home to travel just counts as one trip. Some only count countries in which they’ve slept overnight, yet others count a layover in which they didn’t leave the plane.