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13 Nov

And along with the missing road, the harbor is also currently lacking electricity, running water, and, well, boats.The hope is that along with possessing "strategic importance," the harbor will be used by Trident Seafood's, the largest seafood processor in the Aleutians.

Nearly ,000 in federal money was awarded in 2011 to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to help support the Hawaiian cacao industry and provide outreach during the 2nd annual Hawaiian Chocolate Festival.

Government officials in West Virginia used millions of federal taxpayer dollars to purchase 1,064 high-capacity Internet routers to increase broadband access throughout the state.

Each router cost ,600 for a total of million and were paid for with federal stimulus dollars.

The inactive harbor now shares Akutan territory with the nearby airport.

Residents are required to stake a six-mile hovercraft ride to reach the airstrip, which is located on a nearby island.