Seperated and dating christian asdvice

13 Sep

Look at what some popular secular financial advisers have to say: Why the disparity?Why are so many secular advisors pro-separate accounts or, at best, neutral, while so many Christian advisors advocate joint accounts?Yet, from a biblical point of view, marriage is sacred. Is advice intended for such a wide spectrum, or from a secular perspective on marriage, really ideal for a Christian marriage? Christian financial advisors also contend that separate finances can signal deeper problems or lead to destructive patterns.Crown Ministries gently warns, "Unwillingness to join all assets and bank accounts after marriage is perhaps a danger signal that unresolved trust issues could still be lingering or developing in the relationship." One credit union consultant agrees, citing "a growing distrust between men and women on money matters" as one of the reasons driving the increase in separate checking accounts in marriages.

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Howard Dayton writes in Unfortunately, many people get married with an escape hatch mentality.One study by the Raddon Financial Group showed that 48 percent of married couples had two or more checking accounts in 2005 — up from 39 percent in 2001.So, are Christian financial advisors ignorant or just behind the times? The more I read, the more I tend to think that there is something more."It may seem helpful to keep separate accounts when one partner has some insecurity, financial or otherwise," Dr.Robert Smith, a pastor and financial counselor told , "However, even then, a separate account only treats the symptom and doesn't confront the real issue involved — trust." What about money fights?