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24 Aug

The volunteer project brings together children from poor neighborhoods in Cusco to tap the power of sport to encourage personal growth, instill a sense of optimism, and have fun. Volunteers generally work three to five hours a day in a local sports organization or public school offering physical education to children ages 6 to 15. Volunteers assist the local physical education teachers, which may include everything from fitness to playing soccer and volleyball.Volunteers live in Cusco and work in volunteer projects throughout the area. Volunteers help organize the children, keep order and, depending on need, may even lead classes on their own.

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-The flexibility to participate in many different activities depending on the ever-changing local needs.

When you volunteer in Peru with UBELONG, you embark on a life-changing volunteer trip that is all about volunteering, experiencing the local culture and making new friends.

Live in a safe, clean and comfortable Volunteer House that is perfectly located in downtown Cusco.

Sports are used to help disadvantaged children develop healthy lifestyles and good social skills.

A large percentage of children in Cusco are forced into labor or spend the day in the streets without support from family or educators.