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He eats by preference solid food, for soup, as one philosopher tes- tified, " shakes around too much with the continual jar of the car; one needs something hard in the stom- ach." Also something good.

The sea-captain, when asked by the attorney if he did not occasionally try " salt horse," replied with asperity : " I can't live on scrap meat and bad butter and run a car nine hours a day.

Most of them occupy houses or flats of three or four rooms, for which they pay from ten dollars a month up to sixteen or seventeen dollars. The testimony as a whole showed that single men form a large proportion of the street-railway em- ployees. Most of them occupy rooms, for which they pay between five and eight dollars per month. du Gast on the Banality of Slow Motoring, the Joy of Racing — Boston Dissipation .... By Josephine Hart Phelps 10 Stage Gossip 11 Vanity Fair: The Empress Dowager of China Witnesses a Parisian Dance — A Year Ago She Hated All Things Foreign — Another Great English Estate in a Lawsuit — A Question of Bastardy — Spanish Dancer Figures — A Mirror- less Woman's Hotel — Feminine Guests on Strike — Fur- Trade in the North — Mme.