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29 Jan

" I had a principle that I would not pay for a human life.

CSX says it can verify the names of only a handful of the 19th-century rail lines that make up its network.When I was offered this young woman in trade for a used car at the Romani brothel in Bucharest, I could have done one of a few things: I could've paid to redeem her. That's why, I think, the major human traffickers in Romania over the past several years have been Roma.I was with a couple of guys and I could've fought physically with the traffickers to get her out. I was shown this woman who had scars all over her arm -- she was clearly trying to kill herself to escape daily rape, and she had Down syndrome. I was undercover and I had this moment where I thought, "What would my character be doing in this situation? I kept thinking of Samantha Power's book as I was reading this because you describe the reluctance of government officials to use the term "slavery" to describe what is obviously exactly that. anti-slavery legislation, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, doesn't use the word "slavery." There are over a dozen universal conventions and over 300 international treaties that have been signed banning slavery and the slave trade. has actually gotten better at using the term "slavery" when it's appropriate.You infiltrated many dangerous underworlds to get these stories, often putting your life at risk by chatting up child slave brokers and negotiating to buy young women from a Russian mobster in Istanbul who'd just been released from prison.Which situation, in retrospect, was the most harrowing?