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01 Feb

In a sleep paralysis demon attack, the victim is completely paralyzed and unable to even yell for help.

Often, the sufferers of sleep paralysis are unable to fully identify the evil being or presence of evil that accompanies their immobility and panic.

Scholars believe that these stories originated in ancient cultures as a way to explain pregnancy outside of marriage.

Over the years, many different names and descriptions have been given to similar sleep paralysis demons.

They may see flashing lights and hear buzzing sounds.These cultures often offered spiritual or paranormal explanations for the phenomenon, although sleep researchers, psychologists, and doctors now recognize it as a natural and harmless occurrence.Still, it’s incredible how similar sleep paralysis experiences are from person to person, and how unbelievably scary they are!My 24-year-old roommate, a bit superstitious, was convinced that these nightmarish episodes were instances of paranormal activity; that, in fact, there may very well be a demon trying to possess or kill him.Tales of what we now call sleep paralysis have been told in cultures around the world for hundreds of years.