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10 Jul

Lately, he’s turned to political protest with an embattled project called “He Will Not Divide Us.” “The star is a by-product of the machine age,” he told earlier this year, “a relic of modernist ideals, it’s outmoded.” So instead of playing by the script, La Beouf has continually made choices that are, well, unusual.

Think: performance art projects, cryptic interviews and swathes of time spent without bathing.

SL: It was definitely planned, but Andrea wanted to incorporate music that she heard while she was recruiting us all.

Remember, she found us during Spring Break, so these were all the songs we were listening to and partying to on a regular basis. See – I play music in my head every day; it’s like my theme music… SL: And that’s what it is – these characters’ different theme songs brought to life.

Here’s a roundup of the actor’s enduring, awesome weirdness—and his evolving public art projects.

July 2009: After La Beouf was charged with a misdemeanor for criminal trespassing following his 21st birthday, he told David Letterman that he’d just been trying to buy some cigarettes at four in the morning.

So I always feel like I’ve been looking for that my entire life and found that through them.

But there’s enough of an escapism factor to it..get caught up in each moment and what each song feels like in that moment – our emotional soundtrack. Right after I saw the movie I immediately tracked down a Spotify playlist someone had made compiling all the songs and just cranked it in my truck. BMD: The movie takes its name from a pop country song! There’s so much beauty in even the saddest, darkest moments of your life.“I got really wasted in Chicago and ended up celebrating in Walgreens,” he says.He ended up making multiple late-night Walgreens visits, each of them involving a costume change. Speaking for myself, I always wanted to feel like I belonged to a family.I came from a split home, I had half-siblings and brothers and fractured parts of a family, but I never had a whole family.