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31 Jan

If you send me an abusive PM or so-called 'review', I want you to picture a 51 year old white male sitting at his computer with a big grin on his face flipping you off. However, I might also post your comments - in bold - at the start of the next latest chapter of my latest story to hold you up for ridicule. Naturally, things don't work out the way he intended. With a Light Lord interfering in Potter Family matters and a Dark Lord hell-bent on killing off the Potters, a cadet branch of the Potter family has to act.After all, the greater majority of such reviews are always posted as 'Guest' reviews. Because they're too much the coward to actually use their real accounts to post such rubbish.(alt title: Disproportionate response). After the death of his godfather Harry is an angry young man. Armed with knowledge, Family Magik, and supported by many cousins, Harry takes Magical England by storm.Of course the Wizard World was less than pleased with the new Harry. But maybe this Dark Slayer is exactly what Hogwarts needs. What if Hermione had accidently Disapparated along with Ron during the hunt while trying to stop him? Starts fourth year after Harry's name has come out of the Goblet.... Based on Broomstick Flyer's 'Dangerous to be around'.In desperation, with the threat of Dolores Umbridge hanging over his head, Dumbledore reaches out to find a new DADA Professor. How would Harry have managed to defeat Voldemort alone? When Harry receives a letter from four of his "friends" saying he was too dangerous to be associated with, having gone for a walk, he didn't expect to find Hermione Granger and Katie Bell in trouble from a Death Eater attack.I'm married to a wonderful lady who sells drugs for a living - *whack* - sorry, I meant she's a pharmacist. I'm an avid reader - some would even say I'm a biblio-holic.Same thing - *I'm married to a wonderful lady who I'm utterly besotted with, is the light of my life and my reason for being. I normally don't have more than two books I'm concurrently reading.Death Eaters will never be safe again as Harry takes matters into his own hands. Albus immediately head's out to Privet Drive to find out what was going on, along with Minerva and a reluctant Severus Snape. One that is set to change the course of the magical world forever? Dumbledore; Harry/Daphne One Shot - A random idea inspired by the usual Harry dies and his grim reaper sends him back in time and tells him to get together with his soul mate. Harry and Hermione have gone farther than they ever expected in pursuit of the last task Dumbledore left to them, how are they going to handle it being derailed by the actions of the worlds mightiest heroes? Harry Potter, upon the advice of his ancestor's portrait, casts a spell which claims the spoils of war from those who he had defeated.What they find out changes everything for everyone in the wizarding world. But a thought popped into my head, why did it have to be Harry who was sent back. An ancient power awakens, one whose help Harry will need to face his destiny. But after casting the spell, he didn't expect to gain several women as concubines…including his best friend, Hermione Granger…What if...

Argue with me all you like on that point; but, you cannot argue with direct quotes and what they clearly demonstrate. Dumbledore tells Harry everything after the third task and Hermione is determined to help Harry tackle it all. This is a story I started in 2012 so I better submit it. So I decided to xkcd 386 that one-shot ;-)An orphan and an outcast, living two lives that should never have intercepted.

However, my skill as an editor keeps wanting to jump in and 'auto-correct' as I'm reading. With the Harry Potter universe, I enjoy a good 'ship', except where Hermione ends up with Ron and Harry ends up with Ginny. And, as for Harry and Ginny, talk about an oedipal complex.

Harry will be with Ginny because she looks like his mother? I think JKR's first thought of topping Ron in her fifth book - I think - was actually a sound one.

Age: Old enough it no longer matters Sex: Yes, please! And, at the moment, that's now in Perth, Western Australia (After recently moving from Canberra)Best side for pics: Backside. So, who is this bloke who tends to write epics for stories?

Well, I'm a public relations professional - with a degree in it, an' everyfing!