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28 Jun

One last thing drivers should know, especially speedy ones: Radar detectors are illegal in Virginia.

For detailed information on becoming a legal driver, check out the DMV newcomers guide online.

In hindsight, the survey should have asked direct questions about parent preferences regarding either a pre-Labor Day or post-Labor Day start to the school year, according to the school board.

However, it’s recently been criticized for indirect language that leads participants toward a pre-Labor Day start to school.

Garrisonville District school board member Christopher Connelly brought up the topic.“I’ve heard a lot about the survey that went out a while back,” Connelly said.

“I do not think there was any nefarious intent, or underhanded play.”But, said Connelly, “I believe it came across as slanted, too.”Connelly said he thinks that changing the status quo now and rushing a decision would be a mistake.

He didn’t want to make a decision about the calendar on the heels of the survey, which he said was tainted, and suggested pumping the brakes.

Connelly recommended that the school system’s staff put out a “thought-out, methodical plan” toward a decision on the following 2019-2020 calendar instead.

For more information about acceptable documentation, see the Department of Motor Vehicles website.The high school walking zone will take effect after a signal is installed this summer and becomes operational.Walking zones in Stafford County can be established if students will walk to schools that are no more than a mile away.“…Taking our time will give us an advantage.”School board member Irene Egan, Aquia District, disagreed, noting that “this conversation comes up every year.”“We’ve already pumped the brakes,” she said, explaining that the staff has its data from the survey and everything needed.Egan wanted to listen to the committee but not put off a decision for long.“Parents want to know in advance: ‘When’s my kid going to be out of school?