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22 Dec

Police in Thailand are investigating the alleged gang-rape of a 14-year-old girl in Thailand last year.

The victim, from a village with a population of 100 people on the island of Koh Raed, Phang Nga province, said up to 40 men had sexually assaulted her between May and December 2016.

Since the village is small, if something happened they should have known.” The family, who have reportedly faced threats from some neighbours, has been moved from the village and placed under police protection.

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Always say you have 3 months that way you have a better bargaining chip after the 3 month contract.

I've had 2 even 3 girls at the same time all know each other, they even go shopping and eat together, some have even splept together and lived together and when i show up it's party on! Don't hold back, explain exactly what you want, and if she say's no, don't worry, sponsor her then hold it over her head and she'll do it.

I typically don't even pay much either if anything. They all do, just be firm, be a man, and don't give a fuck about them, they will do what you want if you be honest and straightforward.

I've have a sponsor who came from a rich family who was attracted to being a sponsor because it gave her status within her friends group.

For some reason her friends were jealous that she had a foreign sponsor so that gave her more motivation to be a sponsor.