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21 Nov

”There are other shells in the collection that have this tool-like appearance.” (Geggel)“Additionally, a large percentage of the shells were pierced in a certain location.

“About one-third of the shells have a small hole that does not appear to be made by an animal, such as an otter, rat, bird, monkey, or snail.

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In fact, there supposedly are only a few witnesses of the detonation of the atomic bomb back in 1945.

Archaeologist Stephen Munro, working with Joordens, first noticed the lines engraved into the one shell.

The lines appear as a series of slash marks with four of them assembled into a shape like the capital letter “M.” On this carved shell the lines had originally been deeply engraved into the calcium carbonate shell. “The shell with the engraving, was likely carved with a sharp object, such as a shark tooth.

At the time of its carving, the shell likely had a dark covering, and the marks would have appeared as white lines, Joordens said.” (Geggel) Researchers hypothesizing that the engraving on the shell had also have been done by a Homo erectus wielding a shark’s tooth to scratch the lines, tested this with a modern mussel shell and used sharks teeth to make marks on it.“The researchers used two dating techniques on preserved sediment in the shells to determine their age: between 540,000 and 430,000 years.

They team also used x-rays to examine the Homo erectus bones and confirm that they came from the same rock layer as the shells.