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08 May

Aside from the cheesy half-baked Godaddy user interface there is a much larger problem at Godaddy that should scare the hell out of anyone with domains in their care.My company currently has nearly 500 domains with Godaddy and aside from the inferior user interface and hit and miss customer support, we were at least happy with the pricing.In modern society we have acclimated to taking precautions to protect our loved ones, our homes, and our possessions spending billions on security and insurance.We’re all taught early in life to lock the doors and windows and not to open the door to strangers.After all this indoctrination and preparation for the imperfect world we share, one would assume that these simple yet effective common sense principles would also apply to the world of protecting valuable assets like internet domains at the world’s largest domain registrar.

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With 53 subject alternative names this certificate can be used to secure multiple fqdn's. This just happened to me as of November 15th, 2007. I only just realized this cancellation letter in my bulk folder because I was transferring another one of my domain’s to their account.I received a cancellation notice when I had not initiated a cancellation of my domain (Top Dating Sites! Well now I feel like an idiot, what do they use a web tv as their firewall? I just lost all my domains (over 20) because some jerk hacked my Go Daddy account.On November 5th I received an email from Godaddy indicating that I cancelled a domain.(Of course we did not cancel our own domain, someone else did) Within seconds another email arrived again from Godaddy stating that our domain was transferred!