Tory belleci and kari byron dating

09 Dec

Byron also hosted two seasons of , an annual show that covers the World Championship Pumpkin Chunkin contest, where people each fall build machines to throw pumpkins as far as possible, using only mechanical means.(The current record for longest pumpkin chunk is 4,694 feet.) In 2014, it was announced that was reformatting their show, and meant that the Build Team wouldn’t be coming back for the 13th season.Throughout the show there were a number of accidents.Notably, Kari Byron and the rest of the Build Team accidentally fired a cannonball into a house, after it went over the primary target, rolled up a hill behind the shooting range, and flew over half a kilometer away.After returning from maternity leave, Kari Byron briefly had her own show on the Science Channel, , generally emphasizing the idea that science, and a scientific approach to the world, can be fun.Hosted by Byron, the show only ran for two seasons, but continues to show up on the Science Channel occasionally.Alongside Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara, she helped test out some of the crazier myths the show examined.Now that the show is over, some people are wondering what happened to the host.

"As the main female Mythbuster, Kari inspired a generation of girls and showed them that they too had a place in the traditionally male-dominated world of science.

According to co-hosts Savage and Hynerman, letting the three cast members go was a part of the move to bring the series back to its "origins," with just the two of them.

, which ended this spring after just over a decade on air.

The show lasted two more seasons without Grant, Tory, and Kari, before finally being cancelled.

Shortly after they left : if your car goes underwater, you have to wait until it has started to flood before you can open the door.