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17 Apr

- You know that you should never send money to your correspondent.If unfortunately you have been scammed please do not mention it: if it's a good woman she will think that you are too naive and will stop corresponding with you, and if she is a scammer she will think that if you have been trapped once then she can also take her chance to scam you by using a more subtle scenario.": writing this your correspondent does not feel that you suspect her of being a potential scammer and will not feel concerned by your remarks if she is honest (many Russian women do not know that there are scams in the world of international dating !! If, to the contrary, this is a scam she will understand the message and disappear.Whatever style you adopt you have to make your correspondent understand several things, such as: - You are not a "beginner" in the world of internet relationships.- You spend a lot of time collecting information on the subject of dating Russian women through the Internet.- You know that there are scams in the world of international dating.You really give her the impression that you are determined and that you are not "virtual.” This will give you a decisive advantage over other men with whom she is in contact (a Russian proverb says, better a bird in your hands than a crane in the sky").Although the man is younger, more attractive and have a better work situation she will give you preference because she will know that you have every intention to meet quickly and to see her in her country.

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You will keep your energy to build a relationship with a true, honest Russian woman.This kind of death threat is still quite rare but has been increasing since 2008.Even if you cut all contact with the scammer, it is more than likely that many other scammers posing as young Russian women looking for men will regularly contact you later. Because since early 2006 the scammers networks exchange listings of gentlemen who were contacted by a scammer of their network, in order to try their luck again with new fake profiles.Many Russian women have an internet connection at home and ask their Western correspondents to pay for bogus email charges invent some correspondence obtained through dating agencies that do not exist.It is also possible that in response to your refusal to pay, your love will just threaten to send the Russian mafia to assassinate you and take everything you have; This of course is often considered as a bad joke by most of the western men, but it may be enough to give cold sweats to a few gentlemen who decide to pay because they are really afraid of this kind of threat.